Monthly: April 2019

Do I need a visa to visit Yiwu?

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  Do I need a visa to visit Yiwu? Yiwu is located in Mainland China, where most nationalities need a visa. The only two cities that don’t require visas are Hong Kong S.A.R (90 days) and Shenzhen (5 days...

How to get to the Yiwu International Trade City

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How to get to the Yiwu International Trade City There are no international flights heading to Yiwu. The easiest way to get here is by flying to Shanghai and then take the high-speed train. It takes roughly 2...

Why Yiwu makes sense for small buyers

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Yiwu is famous for its traders and they are in general quite friendly towards small buyers. If you want to find “off shelf” products ready to purchase in fairly small quantities from China, then this is the place....

What is the Yiwu Wholesale Market?

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There are in fact many wholesale markets in Yiwu city. Yiwu International Trade City is, however, the largest market – and often referred to when talking about the Yiwu Wholesale Market. Unlike the Canton Fair ...

Yiwu Documentary sourcing

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Documentary sourcing 1, in accordance with the prescribed procurement process for procurement operations; 2, monitor the market changes in materials, take the necessary procurement skills to reduce procurement c...

Yiwu container container monitoring and installation

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1 customers to provide a list of goods, indicating the name of the Chinese and English, the corresponding number of pieces, gross weight, volume, packaging specifications, goods prices, not common goods need to atta...