Monthly: October 2018

Other Wholesale Markets and Yiwu Fairs

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In fact, Yiwu has many different types of wholesale markets. The Yiwu wholesale market that you know is referred to as the “Futian market”. But there are other wholesale markets in Yiwu. These markets are not as...

How to Ship Products from Yiwu to Your Country?

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Yiwu is a city with very developed logistics and transportation networks. Here, you can choose to ship to your country in many ways. In general, there is express delivery, air transportation, and shipping. ...

Some of Yiwu Agent’s Tricks You Need to Know

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In order to maintain the interests of their own company, some agencies that charge 3% or lower service fees often use some tricks to make up for the loss of service fees. 1.Change suppliers ...

What does Yiwu Market Agent Serve?

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What does Yiwu Market Agent Serve? The services provided by the Yiwu Market Agent are as follows: 1. Yiwu market agent will take you to the market, and help you source wholesale products according to your proc...

How to Deal With Suppliers in Yiwu Market?

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hen you ask for the products at the booths, you will find that you can simply communicate with the suppliers in Yiwu Wholesale Market, for instance, talking about the price. Because the suppliers can und...

A Map Guide of Yiwu Wholesale Market

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The Yiwu wholesale market has five main districts, each with 3-4 floors. All the areas are connected. Actually, you can visit the market from one district to the other four districts without leaving the building...