Monthly: October 2018

yiwu train station to futian market

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About:Yiwu International Trade City yiwu train station to futian market Hey. I know which zone of futian going to buy my products i know which hotel im gonna stay but i still don't know how to arrive at futian mar...

how to buy from yiwu international market

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The first thing you need to know about Yiwu international market is that it’s in China, the second is that it’s huge, about 59 million square feet and there are 75,000 booths. That’s right, seventy-five thousand shops...

Yiwu Agent Services

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Yiwu Agent Services  Are you planning to come to Yiwu for purchasing but you do not know how to start? Are you troubled of how to find a reliable agent in Yiwu? Are you worried about how to import the goods from...