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Market Sourcing:

The company is located near Yiwu international Trade city, mainly to foreign trade customers to provide professional and timely procurement services, with 1000 square meters of large warehouse, can accommodate a variety of goods to meet the diverse needs of customers.

2%commission, market procurement, translation and single, Commodity inquiry, sample courier, Manufacturer inquiries, factory QC inspection, receiving cabinets, foreign trade export one-stop service.
Our aim is: professional, rigorous, efficient, for guests to buy high-quality products at a low price.

Our team has more than 10 years of market procurement experience, but also a large number of cooperative manufacturers, we can make your products more competitive. Yiwu market has 1.7 million kinds of goods, as long as you have pictures, we can find the products you need.

At the same time to provide customers with sample, inquiry and other services, by air courier and sea delivery to your hands.

Translation documentary:

Provide professional Yiwu market guide, translation documentary, Commodity Inquiry, manufacturer Inquiry service, hotel reservation, airport railway station transfer service, etc., for customers to collect product information and manufacturer information and price information, improve procurement efficiency, our advantages in localized resources, so that customers can focus on the product itself.

Inspection Inspection Factory:

We provide third party inspection, travel inspection, full inspection, sampling inspection, container supervision, factory documentary, included in the inspection packaging, trade agents, factory inspection (SA8000 social responsibility) and other business.

According to Japan and Europe and the US and other countries on the different requirements of commodity quality, our customers according to the class distinction for effective management, for different customers, different countries of quality standards, comprehensive conditions, the development of corresponding inspection methods to ensure that every product that we have tested to the hands of customers is safe and reassuring.

Import and Export agent:

Companies to undertake foreign shipping, air import and export of the whole cabinet, LCL Cargo International Transport agency business, including booking, transit, warehousing, inspection, customs clearance, insurance, inland transport and other related business.

We have a stable and mature business operations and service team, can accept all kinds of licensed import and export goods air transport business and the corresponding export declaration business, has accumulated considerable experience in the systematic business of maritime transport, with good business processing and control capabilities. Focus on market navigation, understand product information, in Baidu or Google search: Yiwu navigation can find us.

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