Yiwu clothing wholesale market

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Yiwu International Trade City Huangyuan clothing market brief introduction-Yiwu Clothing Market

China Commodity City Huangyuan apparel market is located in Yiwu most prosperous embroidered Lake District, the market occupies a total area of 117 acres, a total construction area of more than 42 square meters, a total investment of more than 1400000000,  2011 April put into use. Clothing Huangyuan market positioning for professional clothing market, meet the market internationalization, brand, diversified development trend, is conducive to the promotion of Yiwu clothing market‘s competition ability, advance specialization, scale development. In order to optimize the layout of the industry, strengthen the competition strength, highlight the advantages of scale, highlights the market opportunities, Huangyuan clothing market 1-5 floor including mens leather dress, children’s clothing,pants,jeans,Pajamas.,Sweater.,Sportswear shirt total 5 business categories.

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