Yiwu market is a never ending Canton fair, Canton fair exhibition hall area of 1 million square meters or so, time period is 5 days of each phase,Yiwu international trade city has 4.7 million square meters, covers an area of more than four times the Canton fair, and in addition to the Chinese New Year, a year 350 days open. Here give some reasons to purchase in Yiwu.

1.The Chinese largest inland port. In 2011, Yiwu export 571000 standard container.

2.The world’s most complete commodity exhibition center and the export base.

3.Yiwu market with the widest range and quantity of goods in the world

4.Market turnover 21 consecutive years in the Chinese major professional market

5.The best Commercial Cities of China in years of 2005,06,07,08,09,10,11 according to the Forbes. The index of consumption level ranked first in China.

6.The cash flow of the county-level cities, one-third of the daily cash in Yiwu of Zhejiang circulation

7.The first and the only county-level city to set up a customs in China

8.The county-level city with the largest number of Foreign settled in China

9.Foreign resident office number ranked first in China in December 2010, Yiwu foreign enterprise resident representative office has reached 3008, accounting for half of Zhejiang.

10.Only can let foreigners to participate in the National People’s Congress of the government.

11.The largest trading transactions in China settled by The Middle East.

12.Yiwu with the highest density of luxury car in China

13.Yiwu each year the Courier through put of the 7th in the nation

14.Yiwu is rated as “the favorite Chinese cities” by foreigners

15.In the “The Chinese digital that shock the world” published by the international authoritative institutions: the United Nations, the World Bank and Morgan Stanley, Yiwu is rated as “The world’s largest small commodity wholesale market”.

16.The specialized research institutions (PRI) selects the China city international popularity, Yiwu selected jointly with Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hangzhou, ranked no. 18

17.Yiwu market operation with a total area of more than 470 square meters, more than 70000 boothes, is the world’s largest shopping center.