Yiwu Yongkang Jinhua Wuyi Dongyang Ningbo lishui Wenzhou Inspection Service

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We can provide customers with domestic and foreign product inspection services:
Services include:
When the product is finished, packaged and ready to be shipped, our inspectors will randomly sample samples to test the quantity and appearance of the product in accordance with the international sampling standard ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, etc.
Process, function, safety, color style, size and packaging, transport marks, etc.
Main Inspection Contents:
1. Number of Counts
2, proofreading the product style, color materials, etc.
3, Process inspection
4, Functional and safety testing
5, Dimension measurement
6, packaging inspection

7, Transport Mark inspection
Our business includes:
Inspection class:
1, pre-production inspection
2, mid-term inspection of production
3, Pre-shipment inspection (pre-shipment inspection)
4, full inspection

5, supervision and sampling services
Audit classes:
1, Plant/supplier evaluation Audit
2, Social responsibility audit

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