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Usually refers to the inspection services provided by a third company or individual between the buyer and the seller.

Generally refers to foreign customers in the Chinese factory procurement of goods, but they can not personally come to China to inspect their goods, so they commissioned a third party company or individual to inspect the goods, through the reports provided by third parties to determine whether the goods meet their own purchase requirements.

Third party inspection in line with a fair and rigorous attitude, responsible for the product, responsible for the merchant. The content of the third party inspection: According to the number of goods shipped to extract a certain proportion of the sample. See if the product in the selected sample has a complete appearance, whether there is a scratch, and whether the measurement voltage complies with the specification …

Also selected a number of functional experiments, destruction of the line experiment, tensile experiments and so on. Quality inspection is to provide buyers and sellers with production (commercial) quality verification services.

This kind of service is by the authoritative quality inspection organization, according to the national standard or the inspection agreement, carries on the sampling verification inspection to the product quality, the quantity, the packing and so on index, to the whole batch product quality level to give the third party evaluation Fair service.

Quality inspection must stand on the position of the third party, adhere to the quality inspection of the fairness, objectivity, for both buyers and sellers are beneficial, especially when the manufacturer as the inspection principal, through the third party quality inspection of this means to obtain product quality related statistics, as its basis for improving and improving product quality, effective quality and cost control. Third party inspection in import and export trade is also known as notary inspection or export inspection, is independent of the two parties outside the transaction at the request of the principal or buyer, on behalf of the principal or buyer on the quality of supply and ordering, purchase and sale of other relevant content of the contract inspection and acceptance of an activity,
The purpose is to check whether the supplier’s supplies meet the requirements of the order contract and other special requirements of the buyer.

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