Do I need a visa to attend the Yiwu Fair?

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Do I need a visa to attend the Yiwu Fair?

Yes. Most foreign visitors to Mainland China must obtain a visa prior arrival.

The easiest way to obtain a visa for the Yiwu Fair is by requesting an invitation letter directly from the official website.

The invitation letter is provided free of charge, and can then be used to apply for a business visa at your local Chinese consulate or embassy.

The specific requirements vary depending on your nationality and country of residence. However, you may need to prepare the following:

Photos of the applicant
Flight ticket booking (may not be required with an invitation letter)
Hotel booking (may not be required with an invitation letter)
Travel plan

Luckily, it’s not as complicated as it may sound.

It’s generally very easy to obtain a business visa as long as you apply for the invitation letter a few weeks in advance.

Keep in mind that it will take at least 3 to 4 working days to process the visa, so don’t delay your application.

Notice that the visa itself is only required for entering Mainland China. If you are already in China, you don’t need to obtain a new visa for the sake of visiting the Yiwu Fair.

Further, you can choose to obtain a business visa using any other channel, such as an invitation letter from your supplier, rather than requesting one from the fair organizers.

That said, many first time buyers who are interested in attending the Yiwu Fair don’t have an existing supplier network, and should, therefore, contact the fair organizers to secure an invitation letter, and then apply for a visa in their home country.
How do I get an invitation letter?

You can apply for an invitation letter directly via the official China Yiwu International Commodities Fair website.

Simply download the application form and fill in the following details:

Company name
City, Address
Phone, E-mail
Name/s, Position/s, Date of Birth, Passport Number

Once filled in, you send the file by email. The invitation letter will then be sent by post. Notice that this process can take a few weeks.
How do I get a Trade Badge?

A Trade Badge is required to enter the Yiwu Fair. You can either apply online, to get a free trade badge. This badge is then collected on site, once you arrive.

You can also show up unannounced, but then you must bring your passport. You may also need to pay a small fee.

I recommend that you take the time to pre-register.
Do I need a translator to visit the Yiwu Fair?

A fairly large percentage of the sales staff attending the Yiwu Fair can communicate in English. However, expect their English proficiency to be limited, and some suppliers don’t have English speaking staff at all.

You can hire translators via the fair organizers, or find a local interpreter on your own.

There are plenty of companies offering translation and interpretation services in Yiwu, given that it’s one of the most active trade centers in China.
What is the difference between the Yiwu Fair and the Yiwu Wholesale Market?

There are in fact many wholesale markets in Yiwu, including the Yiwu International Trade City which is an all year round market.

The Yiwu fair, on the other hand, is only held on certain dates and attracts both manufacturers and trading companies from Zhejiang and other provinces.

Hence, the Yiwu fair is to be compared to the Canton Fair or Global Sources China Sourcing Fair, rather than the Yiwu Wholesale Market.

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