How do I know that the products are not fake?

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How do I know that the products are not fake?

For obvious reasons, you cannot buy brand name products from an Yiwu Wholesaler. International brands would never work with such vendors, and any brand name products you may find are not authentic.

That said, the Yiwu Wholesale Market is not a fake goods market.

While some shady transactions might take place in this huge complex, selling fakes is not encouraged or allowed.

But, intellectual property goes beyond brand names and logos.

What if the product is similar in design, compared to another, more well known, product?

Take the Converse looking shoes in the article image for example.

Is that allowed?

Well, it depends.

Brand copy each other all the time. Further, generic designs cannot be patented or protected. What can be protected is the following:

a. Artwork and patterns

b. New and unique designs

c. New and unique functionality or technology

An assessment must be made on a case to case basis, but make sure to avoid product designs that look very similar to those of established brands.

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