Yiwu container container monitoring and installation

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1 customers to provide a list of goods, indicating the name of the Chinese and English, the corresponding number of pieces, gross weight, volume, packaging specifications, goods prices, not common goods need to attach product pictures;
2 Division I collation and classification, the production of inspection packing list, invoices, contracts, cargo HS code, with customers to confirm the date of loading, in advance with the Commodity Inspection Bureau for pre-shipment inspection appointment registration;
3 after the container arrived at the warehouse, we cooperate with the monitoring staff to take photos of the empty cabinets, empty box inspection;
4 at the same time, each declared goods are photographed, sampled, and the goods on the site of the nuclear price;
5 above the end of the step, you can normally install cabinets;
6 after loading the container, the container seal the situation, container seal, CIQ Lock, packing slip for photo bottom;
7 fill in the number of final shipments, gross weight, total, price;

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