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Yiwu International Trade Zone One district
One floor: toy Flower (imitation flower) Flower Accessories East Auxiliary Room (Toys/Accessories)
Two-storey: headwear Jewelry East Auxiliary Room (jewelry)
Level three: Festive craft/Christmas accessories Decoration Craft tourism Craft porcelain crystal photo Frame jewelry Accessories East Auxiliary Room (jewelry & amp; accessories & amp; crafts)

Four floors: Taiwan Merchants Pavilion (flower, jewelry & amp; crafts) Production Enterprise Direct Sales Center (jewelry & amp; crafts)

Yiwu International Trade City Area II
One floor: Poncho/bag Umbrella bags
Two-storey: electrical products Lock hardware Tools/Accessories Bicycle/Buggy
Level three: Hardware kitchen and bathroom small household appliances Guangdong Nanhai Pavilion Telecommunications equipment Electronic instruments/photographic equipment battery/lamp/flashlight (electronic) watches and clocks

Four-storey: Anhui Pavilion Leqing Pavilion Hong Kong pavilion Sichuan Pavilion Korea Pavilion luggage Electronic Clock hardware electrical appliance five floor: Foreign trade institutions featured Products

Yiwu International Trade City Zone three
Basement layer: The year of the painting calendar couplets
One floor: pen and ink paper products glasses
Second floor: Office learning supplies Cultural sporting goods outdoor supplies
Level three: Cosmetic Cosmetic accessories beauty SALON Products Mirror comb button/Zipper Accessories Accessories Garment Accessories
Four layers: Production Enterprise Direct Sales center-cosmetics/beauty salon production Enterprises-cultural sports/outdoor products Production Enterprises Direct Sales center-garment Accessories

Five floors: decorative painting, decorative painting accessories and processing machinery

Yiwu International Trade City Zone four
One floor: socks/Panties
Two-storey: needle cotton hat earmuffs gloves daily Necessities
Level three: wool tie lace towel line with footwear
Four-storey: Belt/accessories bra lingerie scarf

Five floors: Tourist shopping center Apparel footwear Daily Necessities (Chaozhou ceramics) Photo frame/Accessories Painting category

Yiwu International Trade City Zone Five
One layer: Imported food and health products imported clothing department store imported jewelry crafts African Product Exhibition Center other imported goods
Two-storey: bedding Wedding supplies Hair Products Exhibition Center
Level three: curtain cloth needle spinning knitted raw materials wedding supplies Hotel Supplies
Four-storey: Auto supplies auto Parts Small merchandise distribution Pet (aquarium) supplies five floor: Network Business Services Virtual Shop

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