Why do I need yiwu market procurement services?

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1. Why do I need market procurement services?

The market size is large and wide, we can quickly help you find the best supplier;

The market purchasing agent signs the purchase contract with the supplier to protect the buyers and suppliers ‘ rights and interests;

Market purchasing agent to help customers calculate the different supplier orders of the piece of wool, according to the customer’s procurement needs and the volume of orders to make order adjustments;

Market suppliers only accept RMB transactions, market procurement agents to help customers receive foreign exchange settlement and payment payments;

Market purchasing agent to provide customers with professional receipt and inspection services;

Market suppliers do not have export rights, market procurement agents to help customers complete export customs clearance procedures and international transportation;

In short, you come to the Chinese market procurement, commissioned us as a market procurement agent, you only need to be in the market 2-3 days, after the completion of the order can return home, all the remaining transactions are handled by us, a period of time you will receive the goods bill of lading. 2. Do we need a visa to purchase in China?

If necessary, can you provide an invitation?

A: Whether a visa is required varies from country to state; If an invitation letter is required, we can provide

3. Is it convenient to go to Yiwu market from your company?

A: very convenient; it’s about 10 minutes by car.

4, can buy a variety of products, and in the way of cabinets shipped out?

A: Can, we will be in accordance with your procurement needs, reasonable development of the installation cabinet plan.

5. Can your company provide off-site procurement services outside Yiwu?

A: Can, we will be in accordance with your procurement needs, reasonable development of procurement itinerary.

6. What do you mean by the minimum order quantity? A: Yes, in the Yiwu market, the minimum order quantity for each product is 1 pieces of goods. If the amount of the order exceeds 300 dollars, some suppliers will give the customer a wholesale price. If we do like some of the products we place orders, and can not achieve the lowest quantitative, our translators will do their best to negotiate with the manufacturers, as far as possible to mix similar products in one piece.

If possible, customers can buy it from suppliers at a higher price.

7. Can you accept direct transshipment and distribution? A: Yes, around the world, we can do transshipment and distribution.

We can ship our customers ‘ products by air and sea to any country.

8. Can you accept the business of foundry production? A: Yes.

In many cases, we will be based on customer requirements and design to make a lot of products, we also very welcome customers to carry out their own brand OEM production.

9. Can I ask for special packing?

A: Yes, special packaging can be provided, if the change is large, a fee will be charged.

10. What currency can you accept?

A: For the time being, we only accept USD and EUR.

11. How is your service charge calculated?

A: Under normal circumstances, our service charge is 3% of the total value of the order.

12. How do we calculate our commission? A: All services included, 3% of the total value of the purchase order, we charge 30 dollars a day for the guide and translation fees, in the Yiwu market to visit this piece. And when you order, we’ll deduct these charges.

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