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First of all, how to go to the market, if you are taking the train (and high-speed rail is the same station), in the railway station to sit 801 bus, you can directly to Yiwu international trade city. The International Trade City regulations are open 8 o’clock in the morning and close 5 o’clock at night.

But suggest that you in the morning 8 to 30 to the market, so that the operators will almost all open, 4 o’clock in the afternoon 30 before leaving the market, or the bus or the surrounding traffic is very congested.

Restaurant: There are many restaurants in every district in the trade city, so don’t worry about the restaurant.

Hotel: Near the market, workers North Road, the Silver Sea community has a large number of hotels, the price is not expensive, one hundred or two hundred appearance.

Taxi: Yiwu Taxi is very much, drip taxi is also very convenient. Market: Yiwu International Trade City is divided into five districts.

Big picture above has marked, each area lacks the sale of variety, so easy to understand oneself need to which area to purchase, must unexpectedly market very big, walk five districts all need one hours, so, straight to oneself need of area, appear very important. Warehouse: This can find me, we have their own warehouses, but also provide inspection services, of course, can help customers find the right size warehouse.

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Courier: Yiwu Express price of ordinary five or six pieces of the appearance, in the country are cheap. Rent a house: The market around is more expensive, because we all want to live in the market edge, convenient procurement, the new community will be cheaper, but the market side of the community relatively few. Two rooms and a hall, probably in more than 20,000 a year appearance.

big maps:www.ywbb.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/maps.png

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