Yiwu Agent Service Wholesale, Yiwu Agent Suppliers

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Yiwu is a city in the central of Zhejiang Province; it is about 300km from Shanghai, 120km from Hangzhou capital city of Zhejiang, and about 200km from the Ningbo port city. Yiwu is famous for it having the largest commodity market in China and all over the whole world, therefore, the city is also known as “International Trade City”

Yiwu market was founded in 1982, it covers a business area of more than 4,000,000 square meters and owns 62,000 booths, with 200,000 businessman working in the market all the year round. The market involved 16 major industries, 4,202 categories, 33,217 subcategories and more than 1,700,000 products, the market welcomes more than 20,000 overseas visitors visit the market daily. There are about 576,000 standard containers exported to foreign countries every year, to more than 215 countries and regions.

Company is located near Yiwu international Trade city, to provide customers with timely procurement services, with 1000 square meters of large warehouses, can accommodate a variety of goods, to meet the diverse needs of customers.

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