Getting supply from Yiwu China.

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With the rapid growth of economic globalization in recent years,”Made in China”becomes well-known throughout the world due to its high quality and low price,which results in a hot phenomenon that more and more business man in the other part of the world like to find products from China.However,although many foreign importers know that they can find goods in China,but do not know exactly which place to find the product and how to get the lowest price .My suggestion is to get supply from Yiwu.

1.why should get supply from Yiwu?

There is only one reason for this question,i.e.,cutting cost.Yiwu has the biggest wholesale market in the world .It also possess a large amount of factories that covers various of products.In other words, you can find almost everything you need in Yiwu.Besides,every shop is supported directly by a factory,that means when you get supply from a shop you are directly getting supply from a factory.As we all know,getting product directly from factories can avoid middle man or trading companies who earns profit from transaction.Once transaction happens,the cost increases.What’s more,transaction not only increase cost in money but also in time .For example,once you order a product from a middle man who then ask for  the product from a factory.After producing ,the factory delivers the goods to the middleman ,then he /she delivers it to you .In most cases,transaction not happens only once.It is a vicious circle in which transaction happens again and again and cost increases higher and higher.It is obviously that this process actually wast a plenty of time.However,if you make your purchase in Yiwu,you can avoid these transactions and save your cost,both in money and in time.

2.The difficult in to get supply from factories in Yiwu.

Most of foreign liked to sourcing products on internet,such as on online trading platforms like Amazon ,Wish or Alibaba,some may even search on Google.But in most cases,the information on internet was published by trading companies or middleman. And because many staffs of wholesale shops or factories in Yiwu don’t know English or know well about how to operate on online platforms or even have no idea of online business with foreigners so that it’s impossible for them to put their products information on English website by themselves.As a result , foreign importers can only get in touch with companies or middlemen, but have no means to get in touch with factories.  Well,how about go to Yiwu and find factories in person? If so,you need to arrange a special schedule,spend a lot of time on the journey and a plenty of money on accommodation,meal, and translator who may not be helpful in the supplier you find.There is no double that it is unwise for small businesses to do so.For big deal,though importers may be willing to go to Yiwu,another question will block the way,i.e.,where to go?Yiwu wholesale market covers an area of 400 square meters,which holds 70 thousand shops,and is divided into five districts.Once you get there, do you know which district or which shop can provides you the products you want with both high quality and low price and can establish a long-term cooperation with the factory behind them ?All in all,there exist so many difficulties to get supply directly from factories in Yiwu.

The most economical and reliable way is to find a reliable local partner who is familiar with Yiwu market,  has a wide network of various local factories.And when you come to China,your local partner can help you with your schedule and clearly knows which district to take you to .Therefore,no matter what business you do ,big or small,and whether
you visit China or not,you local partner can help you get high-quality “made in China” directly from the most reliable factories in the biggest wholesale market in the world ,Yiwu.

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