Yiwu International Trade City

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Situated on the Chouzhou Road of the ‘First City of China’ – Yiwu, in Zhejiang Province, Yiwu International Trade City (also called Futian Market) is a modern international specialty market. The market now covers an area of 346 acres following the completion of the second phase. There are five business districts including the chief market and centers for direct sales, purchasing, storage and dining.

The first phase of the Yiwu International Trade City was completed and put into use in September 2002. Goods sold in this market mainly fall into four categories: craftworks, ornaments, toys and flowers. As one of the most advanced domestic markets, it boasts up-to-date equipment and facilities including central air conditioning, large electronic information screens, electronic consultation, broadcasting system, broad band network, escalators and fire control supervision system.

In order to offer more convenience to visitors, four parking lots have been built on and under the ground. Additionally, visitors can stroll in the trade city without venturing far from their cars – cars can reach each floor in the market. Visitors enjoy a series of services including telegraphy, financial, commercial transportation and dining.

The second phase was put into use in 2005. With a total of fifteen thousand booths, this market deals with a wide range of merchandise including cultural articles, sporting goods, cosmetics, spectacles, fasteners, zippers, hardware, electronic implements, luggage, bags, clocks, watches, and rainwear.

While traveling here, visitors will find that Yiwu International Trade City is really an international world. Occasionally, you will encounter groups of businessmen speaking different languages selling goods here. Especially, in the second phase project of the trade city, there is a ‘merchant tribe’, called Korean Store, selling typical Korean clothes, exquisite Korean dishware and some electronic appliances.

Recently, Yiwu International Trade City has been nominated as the first Grade AAAA National Tourism and Shopping Zone by China National Tourism Administration. It welcomes visitors from home and abroad.
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