Yiwu Market (futian market) Visit Tips—checklist

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Procedure1:Look for a niche – How to find?
You can get some ideas with a market visit:
Mr W is from US who is a wholesaler in LA.
After visiting a factory in Yiwu once. We had time together to go through the Yiwu international market.
When we finished the market visiting in continuous business. We help his company with sourcing, ordering, shipping. And factory verification, quality inspection, container load watch occasionally.
But generally speaking, Yiwu is not a place for tourists. For sightseeing Great Wall, Terra Cotta Warriors, or mountains in Guilin could be best options.

Test With Small order
Small amount quantity test order, which could be less than 15,000USD. You could buy stock then ship door to door shortly.

We have customer D from U.S. , only bought 65 cartons handbags in 2010 in his first test order. Now he is one of the leading fashion accessories distributors in US, carrying a full line of bags, jewelry, scarf, head wear, and garments. His turnover is over 5 million USD now.

However many other small buyers bought once but never came back again. It depends on how things work out. You will never know without trying. Yiwu market worth a try for small and easy buy.
Place Big & Extensive order

Buying for 6 – 12 months in advance. Load full container whose Value over 15,000USD. You Need to go through order->produce->collect->QC->ship.
Example 1:
Ms C from Marseilles France running a dozen boutique stores. She visits us with her staff in April and October every year. Each time they purchase 100,000 Euros for next season. Meanwhile they develop their own designs of arts&crafts, jewelry, handbag and scarf. Sometimes they order same products as before, but they also place test orders for some new designs.

We have been working together since 2014, all the time with her team.
Step 2: Choose a reliable agent – a partner to work with?
Everyone needs a reliable agent to take care.
To explore without buy, you may not need any agent.

However, having a few agents in the pipeline is always good. You can contact 1 or 2 agents in advance, then keep their contact information. They can help you when you need. Better let them know when you may need them so they can schedule. Or, they may not have time for you.
Our option for you: we offer all necessary information and resources for Yiwu visit, for FREE.

You are welcomed to come to our office for a meeting at 9am in the morning before you go to market, or 5pm when you finish browsing market (when traffic is too bad to go back to hotel).
A 20 mins meeting costs you nothing but really help you a lot.

You only need to have the agent to be with you to evaluate supplier and confirm order details(product, package, delivery, payment terms, shipping). You can select potential suppliers all by your own.
With some preparation and good guidance in advance. You need a good agent help with preparation and guidance, then have time for you to confirm orders during your visit.

To have big and extensive buy – you need a very good agent to be with you, all the time:
For this occasion, you will need an agent full time to be with you. And you need to book a good one in advance.
I’m sure you don’t feel confident with your next season selling unless you feel 100% reliable with your agent, who is going to look after all your buying. Give 30,000USD to someone you don’t feel right may cause awful feeling in your stomach.

So, you need a good agent. A reliable, trustworthy, professional, hard-working agent to do serious business and make solid profit with you.

Screen out the ones you don’t like;
Talk to a few see if they meet your expectation;
Visit a few to see how is everything set up;
Work with a few to see how they can help.

Trust me, this may take you some time at the beginning, but it will pay off well in the end. A good agent help you turn things from average to good to better then best; A bad agent goes to the opposite.
Our option is: contact us, tell us, come to meet us, try us, then make your own decision.
Step 3: Plan travel – from A to Z

When to come? and for how long?
1. Do not buy, small and easy buy:
Come over at whatever good time for you. Better avoid two times: April 15 – May 05; Oct.15 – Nov.05.
These 2 periods are very busy in China for business because of Canton Fair. Flight tickets prices double . Hotel double/triple price with not good enough service.
0.5 – 3 days are good enough.
2. For big and extensive buy:
Come from middle of Mar. to middle of May, so that you will not miss the Christmas selling season.
Come from middle of Sep. to middle of Nov. , so products can be shipped out before Chinese New Year which lasts for a month for factories.
3-7 days may need.

How to get visa:
Single entry: tourist visa and business visa both work. you can apply whichever is convenient for you.
Multi-entry business visa, you may need something to prove that there is a need for multi-time entry.
Our option for you: we’re willing to invite our customers by sending them business invitation letter, along with hotel booking, at any time.

No need for me to blah here, booking agents and booking sites can help you with everything you need.
Yiwu has four 5-star hotel, many 4-star hotels, and a lot more small good hotels.
Transportation & China SIM card:
We offer pickup service from Yiwu airport and Yiwu train station for free.
You may need a China SIM card for Yiwu visit, which can save you lots of roaming cost. You can go to apply a local number with help of our translator, btw, passport is needed.

For cash and carry / stock buy, you need to come with enough cash. 500-Euro-note is the best option. 30 pieces should be enough.
For big & extensive buy, you need to have cards for hotel, cash for personal expense. You could also wire some money to your friends’ account or agent’s account in advance, for urgent deposit.
You can wire some money to our company bank account, we can exchange for you when you arrive. Of course, you don’t have to do this unless you feel safe with us. We can offer reference from our customers when necessary.

Step 4: Have a nice trip in Yiwu
Because Yiwu market( or Futian market) is very big. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes for walking.

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