Other Wholesale Markets and Yiwu Fairs

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In fact, Yiwu has many different types of wholesale markets. The Yiwu wholesale market that you know is referred to as the “Futian market”. But there are other wholesale markets in Yiwu. These markets are not as famous as the Futian market, but you can also find some products that you want here.

Yiwu Huangyuan Clothing Market


Tag: clothes, suit, uniform, coat, scarf, dress, T-shirt, jeans, skirt, shirt, trousers, jacket

Yiwu Furniture Market


Tag: light, sofa, chair, bed, drawer, door, table, bookshelf, fireplace, couch, mirror, crib, clothes tree

Yiwu International Capital Goods Market


Tag: kitchenware, lamp bulb, LED, leather, crafts, tools, equipment

Although Yiwu has many open markets all year round, Yiwu’s exhibitions will also be held from time-to-time. Most of the customers who come to China to participate in the Canton Fair normally fly to Yiwu to participate in Yiwu Exhibition after the completion of the Canton Fair.

You can think of Yiwu’s exhibition as a mini Canton, where to find some real factories. But if you want me to give you some advice about whether to go to the Canton Fair or to the Yiwu Exhibition, my suggestion will be the Canton Fair, as you will find more suppliers and products there. The following is an exhibition to be held in Yiwu in September 2018 and 2019. You can refer to it.

Name of Fairs in Yiwu Data
The Belt and Road Yiwu Sports Industry Exhibition Sep.7-9/2018
2018 China Art and Frame Expo Sep.18-20/2018
China Yiwu Auto and Motorcycle Parts Exhibition Oct.21-24/2018
China Yiwu International Commodities Fair Oct.21-25/2018
2018 China Yiwu International Manufacturing Equipment Expo Nov.29-Dec.1/2018
2018 Belt and Road Initiative (Yiwu) glasses and eye care products fair Apr.1-3/2019
The 14th China (Yiwu) Cultural Products Trade Fair Apr.27-30/2019

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