How to Ship Products from Yiwu to Your Country?

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Yiwu is a city with very developed logistics and transportation networks. Here, you can choose to ship to your country in many ways. In general, there is express delivery, air transportation, and shipping.

3 main ways of shipping to other country
3 main ways of shipping to other country

Among them, express delivery is the fastest way. Frankly speaking, the goods can be sent directly to the address door that you provide within 3-5 days. Note that; express delivery is the most costly way. So it is only suitable for small, high-value goods, such as electronic products, accessories, watches and so on.

If you are ready to send by express, then I suggest that you do not contact Fedex, DHL, UPS, or any other official express. Because their discounts for individuals are usually limited. A good solution would be to contact Yiwu’s express agent.

You can find a lot of such express delivery companies around the market. They have a very low discount rate because they have a lot of clients. If you compare the two, you will find that using an express agent can really help you reduce the cost of freight.

If you are shipping, or want to transport by air, you can go to the Chanchun District and Futian District of Yiwu Market to find some freight forwarding companies.

The location of Changchun District and Futian District near Yiwu Wholesale Market
The location of Changchun District and Futian District near Yiwu Wholesale Market

Many freight forwarding companies will claim to be able to send to any country. However, these freight forwarding companies are not the best choice. I suggest that you find some freight forwarders that are specialized in your country line. Such companies normally give you a full quote to your country right away, including some details on customs clearance.

Some freight forwarders will tell you that they can ship goods to any country. In fact, they ship to several major countries. So, if your country is not one of those countries that they normally ship to, they will contact other freight forwarders to help you ship. Then, the quote will end up being much higher.

Especially, for some customers in the Middle East, Africa, Russia, and South America, customs clearance is not as easy as in North America, and it is more likely to have problems.

The freight forwarding companies in the special line can help you solve various problems more professionally because of their rich experience. And a large number of these special line freight forwarding companies have been opened in Yiwu by people from your country, so it will be more convenient in communicating.

If you are from a country along the “Yixinou Railway“, you can also choose to ship the goods to your country by rail. The “Yixinou railway” starts from Yiwu and passes through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, France, and finally, Madrid. The choice of rail transport saves about half of the cost of time, and its cost is only half or less that of air transport.

“Yixinou Railway” from China to Madrid

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