Some of Yiwu Agent’s Tricks You Need to Know

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In order to maintain the interests of their own company, some agencies that charge 3% or lower service fees often use some tricks to make up for the loss of service fees.

1.Change suppliers

When you think that the quality of supplier A’s product is good, the price is acceptable, and as a result, you go ahead and place your order. But then, your agent is more likely to replace your supplier A with a cheaper supplier B, in order to benefit from it. As for you, the lower price of supplier B means that you may get a poor quality product.

2.Ask suppliers for a kick back

When you go directly to the market, your agent will help you to negotiate with the supplier. During this time, the agent will use the Chinese language to ask the supplier to increase the original price by 2-3% as a quote for you. In this case, the price of the product you pay will be more expensive.

3.Force suppliers to cut prices

When you and the supplier decide on the product and price, the agent will force the supplier to cut the price when placing the order. This way, the agent receives the profit from the price difference. This situation will also cause the supplier to give you poor product quality and protect their profit.

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