Hire a Translator or a Yiwu Market Agent to Help You

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ranslator and agents can help you determine price, quantity per carton, CBM per carton, minimum order quantity, production time, minimum quantity for customizing packaging and more with suppliers.

A foreign customer is visiting a flag booth with an agent

Here, you need to note that the work of the translator is mainly to help you communicate with the supplier in the market. But as for orders, inspections, and delivery after leaving the market, that’s not their job. The reward for a translator is about ¥350 a day, which is equivalent to $40-$50 a day.

However, an agent will help you with everything in China, even like packaging matters. Sometimes, when your quantity is small, the supplier may not help you to package your products. But agents can package your goods according to your requirements. And fees are mainly charged based on the percentage of the purchase amount.

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