Yiwu market agent

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Company is located near Yiwu international Trade city, to provide customers with timely procurement services, with 1000 square meters of large warehouses, can accommodate a variety of goods, to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Focus on the market navigation, understand the product information.
Email: yiwu@ywbb.com
Phone: 0579-85128518

Purchasing Agent:

2%commission, inquiry, proofing, inspection factory, receiving one-stop service.

Our aim is: professional, rigorous, efficient, for the guests at a low price to buy high-quality products.

Import and Export agent: Foreign companies to undertake shipping, air import and export FCL, LCL Cargo International Transport agency business, including booking, transit, warehousing, inspection, customs, insurance, inland transportation and other related business.

We have a stable, mature business operations and service team, can accept all the permitted import and export of cargo air business and the corresponding export declaration business, has accumulated considerable experience in shipping system, with good business processing and control capabilities. If there is any consultation, or entrusted to deal with the matter, can also add me WeChat. Outside of business, you can also be a friend.

Business Consulting