Planning to visit Yiwu? There’s what you should know:

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yiwu visit planning

You may have two targets – visit Yiwu to look around the market, to see what you can find there, and return to purchase in future – in that way, you may not need any export agent. Alternatively, – make a professional visit, find the goods that you want to buy, suppliers or factories, get knowledge about prices and terms, place an order after the visit.

We want to tell you how to make the efficient, professional visit on this page.

Decide what type of goods you want to buy

It is better to know in advance, what type of goods you want to buy from China. Very hard to look out for everything. Maybe you will just have no time for this.

There are more than 105 000 showrooms with different types of goods in Yiwu Market. If you want to come to every showroom and spend just 5 minutes in there – you will need around two years! Yes, it is that huge.

Maybe better to determine the primary target, what is the main direction of your business. Also, add some additional targets. For example – your main activity is the artificial flowers and accessories, but you are also want to start to sell the plush toys. So, the primary target would be flowers, accessories (like vases, packaging materials and so on), and second, less important – toys, if you will have some more time for that.

In one showroom you can easily spend 3 or 4 hours, remember this. Need to look and check all the samples, discuss details, special requirements, place an order – decide how many items to buy, which colors, design, marking and so on.

Analyze the market and suppliers in Yiwu

Great way – get the information about suppliers and type of goods that you can buy at the Yiwu Market. Analyze this before a visit.

How many suppliers are here? What kind of goods can they make for you? What is with the quality? How about prices and minimum order? If you have answers to this questions, you can decide, do you need to go to Yiwu, or maybe choose another city in China. Alternatively, even better to buy from wholesalers in your country.

This analysis is not so simple, suppliers in Yiwu mostly don’t have a price-list. There are the samples in showrooms; there are factories who can make items with your requirements.

If you know the price, and it seems right for you, also check the shipping and customs clearance cost. For every item, you should be aware how many CBM one carton, how much you need to spend for the shipping.

You can be surprised with incredibly low price, but shipping and customs clearance cost can put you back on the ground.

Arrange the meetings with suppliers and right area to visit in Yiwu market

It is better to know how many suppliers, factories and showrooms in Yiwu Market you want to visit.

Maybe some of the meetings need to arrange in advance. Check if the company owner will be in Yiwu during your stay. All the important questions can sometimes resolve only by the owner of the company.

Make a schedule – how many showrooms in the market you need to visit and how many time you will need in every of this shops? If you are planning to visit the factory, that located not in Yiwu – how many time it will take? Sometimes it would be the whole working day to visit only one.

Plan the number of days you will stay in Yiwu

After you decide which items you are looking for, how many suppliers and showrooms you want to visit, which factories and how many time it will take – you can plan the number of days to stay in Yiwu.

For example, two days you will spend on factories, one day – to meet with your current suppliers, two days – for searching the new items, visit showrooms at the Yiwu Market. Also, maybe one day for the sightseeing in Yiwu or Shanghai, there’s a lot of beautiful and exciting places nearby!

So total is six days, better to take one day more – for unexpected circumstances. Now it is 7 – good number 🙂

Choose the right time to visit Yiwu

Would be a mistake to come to Yiwu close or during the Chinese New year (every year different dates, January-February).

Close to Chinese New Year (just before and after), everyone is very busy, too many orders need to finish, maybe no time for new customers, or you can get a higher price. During Chinese New Year holidays – nobody working at all.

However, there is a lot of other holidays in China, except New Year. It is better to check in advance, is there any holidays in China during your planned visit.

Plan where to live and how to travel to Yiwu

How to come to China? And to Yiwu? Choose the right cities, the most convenient routes to travel. Choose the hotel in Yiwu – more the 100 hotels here.

Decide who will meet you at the airports or train station. It’s better to be well-prepared for travel, so everything goes smoothly.

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