Four Suggestions :

How to determine if the yiwu agent service you are negotiating is trustworthy before meeting
  1.  First, check if they have a legitimate website. Research! Research! Research!
  2. Watch out for bragging agent service companies. They might claim that they are the best or the number one in the market, but no organization gets a survey result regarding the Yiwu market agent service ranking.
  3. Be wary of some claims that they are the official website of Yiwu Futian market. The Official website is owned by China Commodity City Group and not by the agents.
  4.  Be suspicious if they are claiming that their yiwu agent service is free.
Three Factors Choose Yiwu Agent Service:

There are 3 main things to consider when you are in Yiwu futian market when meeting with intentional agent:

♦ Office and Warehouse

The first thing that you should check is the office and the warehouse. the warehouse is a guarantee that operate client’s order fluently. A good office should be near the market for easy access. It must be convenient for the staff working there to perform their duty. Second, it must have updated information and news about Yiwu market which customers can rely on. Lastly, there better be some samples that are readily available for the customers to try on.

♦ Old Staffs

This refers to professional and experienced staff. They say that the greatest investment of the company is their employees. If the company knows how to take care of the employees, then many experienced staffs will likely to stay. Senior employees know the ins and outs of the business which can bring more profit to the company because they can take good care of their clients.