Thorough inspection is the most significant process in this business or else we will lose our clients. Here are the steps on how we check the quality of the products (You may also do your own inspection at the same time

with the yiwu market agent):

yiwu scarf

Some Suggestions from a yiwu market agent

Electric kettle – take 4 or 5pcs out from each carton and pour some water inside and make water boiling. Check if there is any leak or if it is well-galvanized. Check also the plug if it is what you need.
→ Battery operated items – put the battery on and test if it is working properly.
→ Stainless steel kitchenware – confirm everything before ordering. The best way to check if the kitchenware contains iron is to use a magnet. Inspect the details as well for any rust manifestation.
→ Beads and fashion accessories – most of them come with OPP bag, so weigh them with a scale to measure the accurate weight.
In brief, The all products will be checked and tested based on product feature.

Tips for purchasing agent:

1. Count the quantity first to avoid being cheated when they are delivering products to warehouse.
2. Prepare 3 samples if there are customized products: 1 for you, 1 for the QC people, and 1 for the factory.
3. Have the cartons wrapped with a tape or changed if they are too shabby.
4. If the factory sends wrong products but with similar features, let them know immediately whether you will keep it or give them back.