Yiwu market Guide always is multi-role in futian market

It is very important for you find a trustworthy yiwu market guide because they act as your Yiwu official guide in the futian market  as well as a “walking map” and eyes to different suppliers. Aside from being a guide, they also have other remarkable responsibilities:

1. Translator

Very few people in Yiwu futian market can speak English. Some of them only know “how much”, and then show you the price on a calculator. If you ask more, you would get no response, but you can ask anything you want to know with your guide.

2. Walking Map

Agents are like “walking maps” as they are very familiar with the market. They can lead you to any destinations that you require to see, but if you go there all by yourself, pay attention to the route to avoid getting lost as this is an international wholesale market which is very big.

3. Order supervisor

One of the advantages of Yiwu futian market is that you can mix assorted products in one container which means that you will also have different suppliers to deal with. It is impossible for you to take care of them one by one. You have to go back and forth in one place after choosing the products. But with an agent, you can leave these items with them.

4. Quality control

Product quality matters the most. No one is happy after receiving defective and damaged cargoes without a thorough inspection. With a local reliable agent, you just need to wait and see the inspection report after all the goods are consolidated. Moreover, it is not suggested to find an agent in Ningbo, Shanghai, Shenzhen, or anywhere else. They maybe know the market but they are too far from Yiwu to respond to your requests immediately.

5. Loading & Shipping

It is necessary to put one guy to man the process of loading and shipping. He can note down how many cartons are loaded, remind the workers of soft handling, and report the information to the forwarder. When the container is ready to ship, someone can help you prepare all kinds of documents.

In addition, when you need help after work like you want to find a place to relax, eat, or have your money exchanged, just ask your agent and they are willing to help you. They are not only your Yiwu market guide but also your tour guide.