Yiwu International Capital Goods Market

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Yiwu Capital goods market

What exactly are sold in Yiwu International Capital Goods Market? How is the layout different from that of Yiwu International Trade City? Yesterday, our reporter went around the market. The first impression he got can be expressed by one word—HUGE. Two boundless sides of the building extend to left and right like two wings; every booth is spacious, several times larger than that in the International Trade City; the same goes to the commodities, some of them are too big and have to be displayed in the outside square.

The market applies double first floor design. We can see the first floor from both sides of the building, which stretches directly to the second floor by a spacious channel. The underground floor is a parking lot, while five floors above the ground involve ten industries. Among them floor 1 to 3 are large market similar to a mall, each floor consisting of about 940 standard booths with 60 square meter area; floor 4 and 5 are mainly open spit-level specialized street, having a total of 800 booths with 80 square meter area. The area of each booth can be adjusted by merging according to product features. Concerning the architectural form, cars can directly reach to each floor through the ring-shaped corridor, even right at the booths on fourth and fifth floor. In addition, there are all kinds of supporting service facilities such as finance, catering, and service hall in the market. The industry distributions of each floor are shown as below:
The first floor
Business Logistics Equipments
  About 210 booths, selling business logistics equipments such as supermarket shelves, storage and display racks, fork lifts and sorting machines, mostly from Shanghu Changshu Jiangsu and Pujiang Jinhua Zhejiang. Domestic market is mainly in Jinhua and its surrounding region, while foreign market includes Europe, America, Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East and Oceania, ratio of domestic trade and foreign trade basically the same.
Industrial Electrical Facilities and Accessories
  About 550 booths, selling nearly 70 commodities from 6 major categories including switches and sockets, wires and cables, circuit breakers, transformers, electric components, and voltage stabilizers and power distribution cabinets.
Printing & Packaging Raw Material
  About 450 booths, selling more than 90 commodities from 5 categories, that is, films and non-woven fabrics, paper, gold blocking materials, adhesive materials, and consumable items.
The second floor
Power Generation Assemblies and Fittings
    About 450 booths, selling more than 40 items from 5 categories including motor pumps, air compressors, generators, other fittings and pressure vessels; most suppliers are from Wenling, Fujian and Guangdong and 90% of them are manufacturing enterprises. In this area, export sales reach approx 85%.
Food Processing Machinery ( kitchen wares)
    About 240 booths, mainly focus on baking machines, blenders, beverage machines, filling machinery, sterilizing and cleaning equipments, etc; more than 40 small and medium sized food processing machinery from Guangdong, Zhejiang, ratio of domestic trade and foreign trade basically the same.
Printing & Packaging Machinery
  About 180 booths, covering almost 50 commodities of printing and packaging machinery from Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Guangdong.
Tools & Cutting Tools
  About 180 booths, covering approx 70 commodities such as various boring mills, planers, and other tools and cutting tools for both industrial and civilian use.
Other Machineries
    About 100 booths, covering items from two industries: one is injection molding machine from Ningbo Zhejiang and Shunde Guangdong, mainly for domestic sales, and the other is knitting machine from Wenzhou Zhejiang and Dongguan Guangdong.
The third floor
Lamps and Lanterns
    About 670 booths, selling nearly 80 commodities of lighting equipments, furniture decorative lamps, and outdoor engineering lamps, mostly from Zhongshan and Foshan in Guangdong, Yuyao and Cixi in Ningbo Zhejiang.
The fourth and fifth floor
  About 835 booths, mainly all kinds of leather raw materials and auxiliary materials from Wenzhou, Lishui, Fuding, Jingjiang, Guangdong, Jiangyin and Baoding, etc. The target buyers are manufacturing enterprises for luggages, belts, jewelries and artwares in Jinhua and the surrounding areas. Foreign trade accounts for 40%.
Moreover, there is buyer service center and exhibition center for imported products from worldwide renowned enterprises laid out in the hall of the second floor, where is also the boutique area of power generation equipments.

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