Yiwu China Small Commodity City Opened SOHO Era

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September 29, 2017 |

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Yiwu commodity market, the world’s largest circulation and distribution center for small commodities, unveiled a new business area recently,”SOHO”.

SOHO, which is short for “show office, humanized office”, integrates a display hall, a training room, a book bar, a design room, an experience center and a business bar.

Combining display and work functions, SOHO is a new business mode aimed at attracting high-end purchasers. Yiwu hopes to promote the transformation and upgrading of its commodity sector by innovating new market modes.

Yiwu China Commodity City “SOHO” project is located in Yiwu City, No. 399 Yinhai Road International Business Center. So far, 15 companies have set up operations in the 8,774-square-meter SOHO area. They have all found the platform to be good for sharing resources and win-win cooperation.

“By gathering companies to work together and integrating commercial elements, we also want to inspire the business people to consider more innovative ways of operating their businesses,” said Lou Yuanbin, a staff member from Yiwu commodity city.

In future, the Yiwu China Commodity City group will actively cultivate innovative brands of enterprises, to help them graft the ability of various types of enterprises, to promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire market.

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