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 Tomb of Luo Bingwang
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Yiwu’s tourist resources are not as well-known as its prosperous commodity industry. More than 2000 years ago, it was just a small county, called Wushang. After the year 624, the county got its current name and then in 1988 it was upgraded to a county-level city. During its long history, a number of famous Chinese were born there, leaving some historical heritages for us to admire in their legendary stories.

Luo Binwang, one of four most important people in the early Tang Dynasty (618-907), is noted for his literary talent, leaving more than 130 poems and some 30 articles to us. At present, you can find his cenotaph in the Dingdian Village, Ersanli Town of Yiwu City as well as at Tomb of Luo Binwang located on Choucheng Street of the city. The great poet’s whole life can be known by visiting these two attractions. In addition, the Hometown of Zong Ze, the famous Anti-Jin General of the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), is a recommended historical site. You can get there easily as the site is located in the city center, at ZongZhai Village on Choucheng Street.

Chen Wangdao, Feng Xuefeng and Wu Han are three more names to remember while visiting Yiwu. They contributed enormous effort to the Chinese revolution and the foundation of the PRC. Now their former residences are open to visitors. The route to the Former Residence of Chen Wangdao is a little complex. First take No.331 bus to Xiayan Township and then take a bus to Fenshuitang where the former residence of Chen Wangdao is located. Also from Xiayan, you can take a bus to the Shengshou Temple located at Fulong Mountain. This temple was originally constructed in the Tang Dynasty with quiet environment, having attracted a series of great Chinese scholars to go there in ancient times to give lectures. At present, an old podocarpus with some 600 years’ history is a highlight here. Liking going to the former residence of Chen Wangdao, you have to take No.333 bus to the Tombs of Wudian Revolutionary Martyrs and then transfer there to a bus to the Former Residence of Wu Han. And the No.316 bus can take you to Chi’an where you can take a bus to the Former Residence of Feng Xuefeng.

After visiting these historical places, rest and then prepare to enjoy the city’s natural beauties. Although these attractions cannot be compared with Hangzhou either in abundance or size, the locals are proud of their Xiuhu Lake and Da’ansi Pagoda. Based on the original site of Xiuhu Lake, the locals built Xiuhu Park in the city center, including Da’an Temple Pagoda and eight charming views of Xiuhu Lake. Now, it is a city garden with a beautiful and typical landscape.

Of course, you can also take an adventure into the countryside around the city for more natural beauties. For example, Desheng Cliff located at Houzhai Town, Zhugong Cliff of Wuyan Mountain at Huaxi Village of Ersanli Town and the waterfall of Songpu Hill in the ancient Chi’an Town are some ‘must-sees’ on your trip.

Finally, there is a place that every visitor from both home and abroad should see while pay a visit here. That is the Yiwu International Trade City, supplying consumers with both shopping and visiting. This big wholesale market, located on Chouzhou Road, attracts a great deal of visitors everyday. Coming here, maybe there are some surprises waiting for you!

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