Guangzhou to Yiwu

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Guangzhou to Yiwu about 1000KM, Many visitors come to explore international trade fairs in both Guangdong and Yiwu. Combining your trip to both the cities during fairs is a good idea as commutating between Guangzhou and Yiwu is quite easy.

There are 5-6 flights from Guangzhou to Yiwu. Though, scheduled departures may change time-to-time.

Guangzhou to Yiwu Flights

Guangzhou to Yiwu Fast Speed Trains

G1404    16:00 – 22:48    Price: 675 (RMB)
G1304    13:35 – 20:19    Price: 675 (RMB)
G1302    11:23 – 18:20    Price: 675 (RMB)

Guangzhou to Yiwu Buses

Guangzhou to yiwu by buses need about 15 hours.

Depart: Fangcun Bus Station                        12:30   Price: 395 (RMB)
Depart: Panyu Bus Station                            12:30   Price: 380 (RMB)
Depart: Tianhe Bus Station                           16:10   Price: 430 (RMB)
Depart: Guangzhou province Bus Station  16:40   Price: 365 (RMB)
Depart: Tianhe Bus Station                           18:20   Price: 385 (RMB)

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