Yiwu Market Address Summary

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Yiwu market Address Summary
Yiwu is the world’s largest small commodities distribution center, known as the “Commodity sea shopper’s paradise.”  Yiwu Small Commodity market is currently the world’s largest and most all of the commodity market, the United Nations, the World Bank and other international authorities identified as the world’s largest market.”World supermarket, the world’s factory” that is Yiwu small commodities market. Yiwu small commodities market is not that what a single market, but the Yiwu Small Commodity market integration.

List of professional Yiwu Market:
1) Yiwu Market- International Trade City:
International Trade City 1:         arts and crafts,jewelry,toys,flowers,etc.
International Trade City 2:         hardware,electronic appliances,bags,
International Trade City 3:         stationery,glasses,cosmetics,sporting goods,
zippers,buttons,clothing accessories
International Trade City 4 :        knitting cotton,scarves,bras,shoes,belts,
merchandise,hats,gloves,and other knitting

International Trade City 5:           blanket,bedding,etc.
Old Binwang market :                      clothes material,etc.
The original  knitting market:     knitting machines and other raw materials,
NO.93 chengzhong Middle Road

2) Yiwu  New Clothes Market
Huangyuan market :                 Huangyuan Road Market after 2011  put clothes

3)Yiwu Home Appliance ,Computer Market:
home appliance market:            No. 101 Bing Wang Road,a variety of
household appliances
communications markets:         NO.  211 Binwang Road,a variety of
communication tools
home computer market :           computers,computer supplies

4)Yiwu Decorative Material Market
supplies  market:                     NO.199  chengxi road aluminum products,
clothing materials,ceramic materials,stone
decoration materials.
Decorative market :                  NO.266 chengxi Road,the main business are  lights,
security doors,wooden line,wood flooring,decorative
hardware,carpet,wallpaper,cabinets,ecorative glass
and other high-end home decoration  materials.
Zhejiang Yiwu timber market: NO. 1775 xicheng Road, mainly engaged in wood-based
panels,wall panel,wood strips,decorative hardware,
aluminum panels,wood doors and windows,solar water
heaters more than a dozen categories,hundreds of varieties,
is the Zhejiang region range,supporting facilities,the largest
wooden decoration materials market.

New furniture market:              NO.1779  xicheng Road, furniture,office equipment
Production material market: NO.251 xicheng road, decoration materials, plastic,metal
materials,building materials
Real estate market:                  NO.68,Binwang Road,housing Plant

5) Yiwu Food Market
Nongmao Cheng:                      fruit,grain,vegetables,flowers,food markets

6)Yiwu Market-Special Street
Christmas supplies professional Street:     Futian district 2
Automobile article special street:            Third District,Changchun 2011 will change to international trade city 5
Jewelry Accessories Professional Street:   xingzhong Oil painting frames,lighters,glass
products Street:Zhaozhai
Interior Decoration Street:    Stone Bridge
Professional Street of print materials:   Yongsheng
Door Professional Street:    xia wang
Stock Professional Street:   Meihu
Street lighting professional building materials:   huang yangmei

Yiwu Market-International Trade City  Information:
International Trade City is a set of modern, international, information technology in one of the commodity trading market is China Commodity City to follow the market development needs of the construction of international modern wholesale market. This address is located in Yiwu, Yiwu Small Commodity Market downtown Chouzhou road, east to Yiwu Customs Office, adjacent to the Meihu Exhibition Centre, international logistics center, Jiangdong United consignment market. Invested more than 6 million, in the September 28, 2002 and put into use. Now, International Trade City is divided into an area, Second District, Third District, four districts have been put into use, it is understood, Yiwu International Trade City project has been finishing the five areas of the main stage, starting equipment installation and decoration. The second half of this year the five District, Yiwu International Trade City market building is completed and can be put into use.

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