Where are best markets in Yiwu?

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Where are best markets in Yiwu?

As mentioned by some people Futialn market or International trade city is the best market for all the small commodity in yiwu, it conatines 80000 + shops, and you will find all the small commodity under all one roof. its is 4floor market, devided into 5 district and spread over the whole city, like snake. Then for mobile and communication product you can go to BIngwan market, its on walkable distance from International trade city on binwan road. Then there is NIGHT market on the same road for reatail purchase goods like baggages and shoea etc. but you have to bargain a lot to get the best prices (Just devide the price by two at the time of bargain).There is special market for the big machineries on East of the yiwu if you have intrest in big machinery.

Thats the gate no 1, International trade city is having total 55 gates,( east and west side), the resturents only serving chinese food on the east side gate, i havent seen the Pizza hut or McDonald in yiwu market (They should have one). There are lot many hotels nearby, diffrentiated with the countries. its very freindly city and nice one. Market Remains open from morning 8am to 5pm only. you will get fruits for 3Rmb inside the market.

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