How to purchase in Yiwu marke

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Purchasing in Yiwu market is different from in Canton Fair.
In Yiwu Market:
1. Small quantity is accepted, you can mix lots of items (from different
suppliers) in one container.
2. Almost all the suppliers in the market can’t speak English.
3. The suppliers have not the license of IMP AND EXP. and did not know the
operation of exporting.
4. The price is FOB Yiwu, the suppliers only with responsibility for deliverying
the goods to Yiwu warehouse.

Therefore, when you will purchase in Yiwu market, it is most important to find a good buying agent at first. It must be reliable, experienced, with complete, excellent and efficient service.

The first time, you must go to the market, be familiar with the items, style and their price. The buying agent will send employee accompany you on the market.

Good buying agent know which supplier is better, know the advantage of different suppliers. and some buying agent have relevant factory which they have invested, they know which suppliers’ quality is good and the style is popular in which country.

Usually, Because of most items from many different suppliers, but loading in one container, so the buying agent have much work to do:

(1) Order in the market or factory together.
(2) Booking the space of cargo (booking container ).
(3) Asked the supplier delivery the goods to buying agent’s warehouse .and the buying agent will check the items,check the quantity and the quality.
(4) Declaration to the Customs
(5) Loading the container.
(6) Making the document.
(7) Release the B/L to the clients.

After finished order (for a 40’HQ container, order need maybe 2-3 days), clients go back their country. all the things leave to the buying agent.
Usually, the clients come to Yiwu market per 3 months, for looking for the new style.
After finishing the first time successfully,the next order can be made by E-mail or fax.

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