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HK to Yiwu

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Hong Kong to Yiwu Flights There is no direct flight from Hong Kong to Yiwu. However, one can fly from Hong Kong to Hangzhou or Shanghai first, and then take a bus or by rail way to get to yiwu ...

Hangzhou to Yiwu By Fast Speed Train

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Hangzhou to Yiwu Hangzhou to Yiwu about 120KM, you can by train, bus and taxi to yiwu. Hangzhou to Yiwu By Fast Speed Train We suggest you By Fast Speed Train only need about 40 minutes (RMB 30), ...

Shanghai to Yiwu

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There is a very frequent service of trains from Shanghai to Yiwu. Take Line 7 airport bus from Shanghai Pudong Airport runs to Shanghai South Railway Station. Below is the list of direct trains...

Guangzhou to Yiwu

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Guangzhou to Yiwu about 1000KM, Many visitors come to explore international trade fairs in both Guangdong and Yiwu. Combining your trip to both the cities during fairs is a good idea as commutating b...

Yiwu wholesale market

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Yiwu wholesale market have international trade city, Binwang market, Huangyuan market 3 markets, Yiwu Wholesale Market have 43 industry, 1900 series, 170 million kinds products. Yiwu market products include art...


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  Yiwu Market is one of the largest commodity export market in China, with 5.5 million sqm business areas, more than 75.000 offline shops and 1.8 million kinds of commodities. Yiwu Market has more than 210.000 daily ...

Yiwu’s total import and export value up in Q1

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Volotova Zhanna (C), chief representative of a Russian company in Yiwu, discusses the wrapping way of commodities for Russian markets with her colleagues in Yiwu City, east China's Zhejiang Province, May 5, 2017. Vo...

A Complete Guide To The Yiwu Wholesale Market

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Introduction Conveniently located in the city of Yiwu in the center of the Zhejiang Provence of China, the Yiwu Wholesale Market is one of the leading centers of international trade and exports from China t...

Yiwu Market

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Yiwu Market(also named Yiwu Futian International Market,Yiwu Commodity Market ) is the largest wholesale market in the world, There are more than 120 000 wholesalers in the market, Products in the Yiwu Mar...